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Best Trend

DIY Theater

Posted 9/16/2009

In the last year, Baltimore's multi-talented, artistic twentysomethings have demanded the spotlight, pursing an active interest in DIY theater productions. Perhaps best exemplified by overlapping theater factions of Wham City, the Annex Theatre, and Missoula Oblongata--all of whom contributed to the outstanding Hanna-Barbera Play Festival last October--the productions are big, bold, and unendingly impressive. Puppets, live music, hand-made costumes, and a healthy dose of humor have become the most memorable elements of plays such as the recreation of Harry Nilsson's The Point! (directed by Ellen Nielsen) and the dramatization of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (directed by Ryan Mitchell and Michael Farley). Hosted by a number of venues, including the Annex, Load of Fun, the Zodiac, and Fifth Dimension at the H&H building, the productions have grabbed the interest and support of the local arts community. Far reaching in scale--more than 100 people have participated in various productions since last September--current productions are preparing for national tours, while new DIY theater groups--the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, for example--continue to emerge.

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