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Arts and Entertainment Winners

Best Movie Theater, City

Landmark Harbor East

645 S. President St., (410) 244-6636,

Posted 9/16/2009

In all honesty, its programming should be better. The Landmark chain prides itself on exhibiting independent movies, and around the country its theaters--Austin's Dobie, Dallas' Inwood, San Francisco's Bridge, Milwaukee's Oriental--are often that city's revered movie palaces. Here, Landmark Harbor East feels more like a shiny, new toy that occasionally books eclectic fare. But it does have that bar, serving alcoholic beverages, and it often books big-name, broadly crowd-pleasing, first-run titles, meaning you not only don't have to go to the suburbs to see Star Trek, but you can even take public transportation to see it. And sometimes all you want to do is get a little drunk while watching The Hangover and not have to drive home.

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All Awards for Landmark Harbor East:

Best Movie Theater, Suburbs, 9/17/2008

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