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Nightlife Winners

Best Gay Bar

Guerilla Gay Bar Baltimore

Frank Hamilton

A "straight" bar near you (Oh, God!),

Posted 9/16/2009

That's right, just like a flash mob, the "gays" could swoop in and take over your favorite bar for a night thanks to Baltimore's latest LGBT nightlife innovation Guerilla Gay Bar Baltimore. Founded in 2008, GGBB started quietly with about 100 people "taking over" Claddaugh Pub. It clicked--and ever since, event organizers Byron MacFarlane and Mark Yost have brought their legion of followers to a new bar the first Friday of every month. What's more fun--the location is kept secret until days before the event. It's really worked out for the best: Bartenders get tipped well with an influx of clientele shocked that a cocktail can cost less than a fistful of cash and the gays get to mix it up outside of Baltimore's gay Mecca, Mount Vernon. We really can take the party anywhere.

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