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Eats and Drinks

Best Pizza

Angelo's Restaurant and Carry Out

3600 Keswick Road, (410) 235-2595

Posted 9/18/2002

Delicious, nutritious pizza pies are available in a veritable cornucopia (or pizzacopia, if you will) of sizes and configurations all around Baltimore and its Baltoburbs, but this year we tilt our head to the leviathan creations found at Angelo's, home of the Big Slice, a novelty-sized, appetite-dwarfing pizza "slice" approximately the size of your head (if you happen to be a life-sized bobblehead doll). It's an excellent lunchtime decision available with the standard complement of classic pizza-perfecting toppings. The big slice is nice, but wait, there's more. When you're forced to share, you can't go wrong with a whole large pie from Angelo's. The huge pie that always seems on the brink of spilling out of its protective pizza box. It's not just a case of that old trick of wearing your bra one size smaller to make it look like you're abbondantemente, oh no--the pizzas from Angelo's are stacked, honey. And they deliver a saucy, cheesy, satisfying meal, with the pepperoni slices on top of the cheese as nature intended.

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