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Eats and Drinks

Best Diner

Sip and Bite

2200 Boston St., (410) 675-7077

Posted 9/18/2002

A truly great diner manages the tricky balance between great food, Hopperesque ambience, and the total 24/7 availability of the same. We'll spare you our rant against shiny chrome faux "diners" tricked out in made-in-China nostalgia ware from an era that never existed and urge you instead to go immediately to the Sip and Bite. Funky (occasionally even a little grimy), vibrant, greasy, and fun, this diner is the real deal--a survivor of Canton's once-flourishing gritty waterfront before it got all prettied up for wealthy young professionals. The S&B is open all hours, serves breakfast 'round the clock (while sober we sometimes wish breakfast was a little less slapdash, but while drunk we've tasted none finer), and has great meat loaf. What more can fans of cheap food, late nights, and Felliniesque people watching ask for?

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All Awards for Sip and Bite:

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