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Eats and Drinks

Best Ice Cream Parlor

Sylvan Beach Café

7 W. Preston St., (410) 685-5752

Posted 9/18/2002

Ever in search of justification for our gluttonous tendencies, we still can't believe our luck in having Sylvan Beach. Fantastic homemade ice cream, lusciously silky and bursting with generous chunks, hunks, or lumps of the appropriate nuts, candy, cookies, and fruit. It seems almost debauched to take ice cream this good and cover it with syrup (say, hot fudge) and other toppings (like maybe whipped cream, chopped nuts, and a cherry), but we're willing to suffer for a good cause. A bright, cheerful little ice-cream palace, Sylvan Beach is run by a nonprofit organization that houses and employs high school dropouts, educating them for a life beyond the streets, beyond even the icecream counter, as noble a profession as that seems to us.

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Other Awards for Best Ice Cream Parlor:

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North Pole Ice Cream (serving Moxley’s Ice Cream), 9/22/2004

Sylvan Beach Café, 9/17/2003

Need Ice Cream, 9/19/2001

Sylvan Beach Café, 9/13/2000

Sylvan Beach Café, 9/15/1999

Nardi's, 9/17/1997

All Awards for Sylvan Beach Café:

Best Place to Get Ice Cream, 9/20/2006

Best Ice Cream Parlor, 9/17/2003

Best Ice Cream Parlor, 9/13/2000

Best Ice Cream Parlor, 9/15/1999

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