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Best Brewpub

The Brewer's Art

1106 N. Charles St., (410) 547-6925,

Posted 9/18/2002

Checked the cultural pulse lately? With latte joints as ubiquitous as muffler shops and mattress barns, it's safe to say the swanky coffee revolution is here to stay. The cigar fad, however, has (mercifully) burned out. And microbrews? Well, they've gone down a middle road. Mergers and bankruptcies have claimed many small-batch breweries, yet local lagers and ales continue to have a place on the bar rail. The end result is that Baltimore's established brewpubs are thriving, but no new ones have opened in years. All of which plays into the hands of Mount Vernon's Brewer's Art, which was the town's coolest brewpub when it opened in 1996 and continues to carry that accolade in 2002. The house-brewed Belgian-style beers--including the malty rich Resurrection and the dry/sly Ozzy--are always tasty, and often augmented by seasonal specials (anybody for a Wit Trash Ale?). The joint's bi-level, split-personality atmosphere is another plus. There are chandeliers, sofas, and fireplaces in the airy upstairs, and bar stools and brick alcoves in the dark lower region. We've even known broken-up couples to divide the Brewers Art as they prepare to plunge back into singledom. This way they can both drown their lovelorn sorrows--or flirt with potential new flings--without stepping on each other's toes.

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