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Best Thrift Store

Village Economy Store

10 Stemmers Run Road, Essex, (410) 238-7306

Posted 9/18/2002

We went into deep mourning a few years back when one of the great local thrifts, the Village Thrift in Middlesex Shopping Center, closed its dented doors. How happy we were to find earlier this year that the place has reopened a short distance away in an even larger space (a former grocery store--always a sign that there's good thrifting inside). The space is huge, as is the quantity of booty, and new merchandise rolls out on the floor every hour. Best of all, prices here are still relatively reasonable, with some true treasures lurking amid society's giveaway detritus. Recent finds here include a vintage photo-screened polyester T-shirt decorated with resplendent BMX rider ($1.45), and the soundtrack to Our Man Flint on vinyl (99 cents). Go forth and score!

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