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Eats and Drinks

Best Pizza

Gil's Pizza

5132 Belair Road, (410) 483-4847

Posted 9/15/1999

At Gil's, they live by pizza dough alone--and it's probably the best dough in town. Bubbly, yeasty, and hardly uniform, the plane of Gil's sole creation--there are no subs, salads, or gyros here--has become legendary in Gardenville, where Gil's has managed to fend off all comers for 41 years. With a rich sauce that's not too sweet, a generous pile of cheese, and mostly fresh toppings that are invariably underlings (because Gil's buries them, old-style, underneath a mountain of mozzarella), late founder Gilbert Hurley's shop stands alone as an original in pizza-pie-eyed NorEBo. We've been brick-ovened, Chicago deep-dish-ized, New England-styled, and even grilled--and still our heart and taste buds belong to Gil's perverse, one-size-fits-all ($6.50 for a 12-inch cheese) pie.

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