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Best Irish Pub

J. Patrick's Irish Pub

1371 Andre St., (410) 244-8613

Posted 9/15/1999

Those of us fortunate enough to have visited the mist-enshrouded Emerald Isle learn firsthand that the Irish idea of a bar and the American idea of a bar are, well, an ocean apart. American bars are often slick affairs designed to get members of a carefully designated demographic group drunk or laid (or both). The Irish bar is more along the lines of a cozy public rec room where patrons of all ages mix together for music and mirth. This is exactly what you have at J. Patrick's, whose knotty-pine walls make you feel like you're visiting a friend's club basement. (And note the hand-written sign proclaiming that LOUD AND VULGAR LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.) The homespun pub offers Irish dance lessons on Wednesday nights, and live music (and more dancing) Thursday through Saturday. And of course, its bartenders pour a tasty pint o' Guinness. Irish immigrants are no longer landing in Locust Point by the boatload (as they did last century). But thanks to J. Patrick's, you can still enjoy a bit of Gaelic, old-world atmosphere amid the new-world Formstone.

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All Awards for J. Patrick''s Irish Pub:

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