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Eats and Drinks

Best Local Beer

DeGroen's Pils (bottle)

Posted 9/15/1999

We wouldn't know two-row malt if we sat in it, hops if we stumbled over it (or them--whatever), and we wouldn't particularly care if a certain brewer choked to death on a piece of aged beechwood, whatever that is. But dammit, we know enough about our brew to know what separates the raspberry wheat from the chaff. We've quaffed the incredible, ass-kicking Resurrection Ale at The Brewer's Art, the frothy and rich Hyperbole at Capital City, and the sturdy Märzen at Baltimore Brewing Co. We've loved all you guys. But we sometimes actually prefer popping the top of one at home. So it was quite an event at our household when Theo DeGroen and the Baltimore Brewing folks started filling bottles with one of our favorites--the light, dry, and tantalizing Pils. At about a buck a bottle, it's a relative bargain. And it's perfect for those nights when arty types or talkative tourists just aren't our brown bag.

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