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Goods and Services

Best Liquor Store

Frank's Cut Rate Liquors

4400 Evans Chapel Road, (410) 467-1615

Posted 9/18/2002

Here at Baltimore's Most-Drinkingest Weekly, Best Liquor Store was a hotly contested category this year. On one side of the line: die-hard fans of the venerated York Road superstore and perennial BoB winner, Wells Discount Liquors. On the other: a group stumping for the upstart with the straightforward name, Frank's Cut Rate Liquors. "Selection!" shouted the Wells warriors. "Service!" rallied the Frank's fighters. Service shouted louder, it seems, because this year the award goes to the smaller but unfailingly friendly and unpretentious Frank's. As off the beaten path as Wells is on it, Frank's occupies a building with a Mondrian-inspired facade on Evans Chapel Road. To get there, you turn right off eastbound Cold Spring Lane between Falls Road and Roland Avenue, or left off of westbound 41st Street. Drop in once, show a reasonable interest in Chilean wines or regional craft beers, and the youthful proprietor will welcome you as an old friend ever after. Don't see your favorite apricot ale? Mention it to him, and it will be there the next time you come in. Choose a wine that he thinks you won't like as much as another? He'll tell you, even if the other one is two bucks cheaper. Frank's prices are just as good as the competition's, and the shop offers free Saturday wine tastings on a regular basis. But have no fear if you're more into Schlitz than Syrah, more likely to grab a fifth of Wild Turkey than a six-pack of Wild Goose IPA: The folks at Frank's will still be happy to see you again.

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