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Best Park, City

Druid Hill Park

Druid Park Lake Drive, (410) 396-6106

Posted 9/13/2000

All those suburbanites who malign the city haven't discovered one of our favorite parts of urban life: the parks. Baltimore is lucky to have a number of multiuse parks, places where urbanites can take an early-morning jog, enjoy an afternoon picnic, cycle around a fountain, swim in a public pool, or indulge in a game of tennis or Frisbee golf. Our favorite is Druid Hill Park, that beautiful 674-acre oasis located just beyond the roaring traffic of Interstate 83. The park boasts Druid Lake, a reservoir that provides a nice focus for leisurely runs, windy roads for fun bicycling, tennis courts (with bleachers!), a swimming pool, a golf course, and cool pavilions you can rent for events. As if that isn't enough, Druid Hill Park is also home to the Baltimore Zoo and the Baltimore Conservatory

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