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Best Thrift Store

Goodwill Superstore

859 E. Fort Ave., (410) 783-2995

Posted 9/13/2000

It's hard to believe we're going to tap a Goodwill store for Best Thrift because, to tell the truth, GW has kind of been pissing us off. Its recent policy has been to close urban stores, located in neighborhoods that actively need inexpensive secondhand shopping, in favor of shiny suburban retail-style "super stores." Not surprisingly, prices have been hiked. It's annoying. But we are so in love with Baltimore's newest Goodie it almost pains us to share it with the rest of the class. Unlike your standard thrift, it's a clean, well-lighted place; everything's (gasp!) organized, and there are dressing rooms. Hard-core thrift addicts that we are, willing to eschew all luxuries in search of the Eternal Score, amenities such as a nonsticky floor and smiling salesclerks aren't enough to woo us. What won us over is the amazing array of quality merchandise. The clothing selection here is fantastic--DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Betsy Johnson, to name but a few designer duds spotted here on a regular basis--for men, women, and children alike. As for shoes, our last visit turned up Ferragamo pumps, Kenneth Cole loafers, and Pappagallo flats. Are we gloating? Yes.

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