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Best Hamburger


415 W. Cold Spring Lane, (410) 235-3433

Posted 9/13/2000

There is only one real choice in this category: Alonso's. The management's push to make the Roland Park joint more upscale did not, thank goodness, have any impact on the signature menu item, the pound-and-a-half burger that dwarfs the poor kaiser roll that tries (and fails) to contain it. Alonso's star attraction is strictly for people who think dead cow is a food group. Amazingly enough, when you order this gargantuan delight medium-well, it comes medium-well, not crispy on the outside and oozing red after a few bites (and after a few bites you've only made a little dent in the meat). Forget the cheese, the lettuce, the tomato. Don't need 'em. Give those few fries on the side to a fellow diner. You've got work to do, and it's hard enough to concentrate with Homer Simpson groaning with pleasure in your head.

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Other Awards for Best Hamburger:

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Kooper's Tavern, 9/17/2008

Dizzy Issie's, 9/19/2007

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Swallow at the Hollow, 9/21/2005

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Kooper's Tavern, 9/18/2002

Alonso's, 9/19/2001

Alonso's, 9/17/1997

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All Awards for Alonso''s:

Best Hamburger, 9/19/2001

Best Hamburger, 9/17/1997

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