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Eats and Drinks

Best Chinese Restaurant

Szechuan Best

8625 Liberty Road, Randallstown, (410) 521-0020

Posted 9/13/2000

If there's one truly unpleasant feature of daily life in the Land of Pleasant Living, it would have to be the Chinese food. For some reason, one of the world's great cuisines never truly root in the Patapsco basin. We have fresh seafood and bountiful produce; we have a not inconsequential Chinese population. But Chinese dining here is an unbroken landscape of greasy, sugary brown sludge. Or, we should say, an almost unbroken landscape. There is one exception, so thoroughly unparalleled that it seems almost unfair to call it the best Chinese restaurant in Baltimore. Szechuan Best would count as a first-rate restaurant anywhere east of the Sierra Nevadas; being in Randallstown, it counts as something of a miracle. Ignore the aging steakhouse architecture, the abandoned Pizza Hut next-door. You can get whatever you desire here, from a humble snack of sweet soy-milk soup to an eight-course banquet. We highly recommend trying the latter. Bring 40 or so friends and rent the rear dining room. Ours started with delicate morsels of jellyfish and ended with whole fishes steamed with ginger and scallions, passing through lobster and beef and sautéed greens and, honestly, a lot more food than we can remember--all for about 15 or 20 bucks a head. You'll wonder why you ever dined any other way.

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