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Eats and Drinks

Best Bar, Mount Vernon

Club Charles

1724 N. Charles St., (410) 727-8815.

Posted 9/13/2000

There are plenty of things not to like about the Club Charles. They don't round up their drink prices, leaving you with handfuls of awkward change. The jukebox seems permanently stuck on Cross My Heart. And on Friday nights, it's so crowded you can find yourself groin-to-groin with someone you wouldn't sit next to on the bus. So why do we find ourselves going there several nights a week? Well, the décor rocks; the red walls covered with heaven-and-hell imagery and equally red lights make everyone look like Angelina Jolie. The club also has one of the foxiest staffs in town. But the best reasons to knock back a beer in this hipster hangout is, well, the hipsters themselves. You can't throw a pair of horn-rimmed glasses without hitting someone worth talking to. So quit your bitching and just enjoy the company.

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Other Awards for Best Bar, Mount Vernon:

Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon, 9/18/2002

The Brass Elephant, 9/19/2001

The Drinkery, 9/15/1999

Dougherty's Irish Pub, 9/17/1997

Gerben’s Café, 9/18/1996

All Awards for Club Charles:

Best Bar for Tourists, 9/16/2009

Best Place for One Drink Too Many, 9/20/2006

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