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Best Rumor (We Repeat, Rumor)

Cal and Kelly Ripken's marital problems

Posted 9/17/1997

According to the salacious gossip circulating all over town, Baltimore's Icon Number One and baseball's Mr. Clean is allegedly cheating on his wife and causing a breakup of their storybook marriage. The rumor-mongering even reached the point where Kelly Ripken was asked about it in a local TV-news interview. She denied the rumors, and in so doing made the whole thing close enough to a legitimate story for the rest of us media weasels to jump on.

According to the story as we've most often heard it, the real reason that cad Cal stays in a different hotel than the rest of the team during road trips is so he can maintain a longtime affair with some hussy. Another version of the rumor casts Kelly as the villain, with Cal even catching her in the act. (With whom? Well, you didn't hear it from us, but two Best of Baltimore readers' poll respondents, in the "Best Scandal" category, wrote, "Kelly Ripken and Kevin Costner.") Some sources claim the unhappy couple is already split; others say they are staying together to keep up appearances until Cal retires from baseball and his product-endorsement luster fades. We have not one iota of evidence that any of this is true-if we did, the stories wouldn't be rumors anymore, they'd be news. And that would take all the fun out of it, now wouldn't it?

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