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Eats and Drinks

Best Barbecue


36 Cross St., (410) 539-2093

Posted 9/17/1997

Mmmmm . . . pooooorrrrk. The pork barbecue at Federal Hill's Sisson's turns us into instant Homer Simpsons. We can't help it; we want to resist its evil artery-clogging allure, but one step inside the restaurant and we're doomed. Not even a simultaneous viewing of Babe would dissuade us at this point. Why? The tenderest, juiciest, size-of-a-grapefruit, sear-your-mouth pork sandwich we've ever had. At first we were skeptical:Where the heck was the sauce? The only visible dressing-up of the meat was some little flecks of pepper. We thought they'd mistakenly given us the Bland-B-Q sandwich. After the first bite, however, we were infatuated. A slow spicy sensation made us gulp down our handcrafted root beer (see "Best Root Beer"). Every time we've had the sandwich since, we've gotten an extra large beverage. The only lie may be in calling it a sandwich. What were they thinking? We eat the meat with a fork and use the bread to sponge up the juices. But hey, who cares? We just want seconds.

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