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Eats and Drinks

Best French Fries

Linden Deli

890 Linden Ave., (410) 669-2820/9104

Posted 9/17/1997

Actually, "fries"-the plebian term usually applied to sliced, fried spuds-doesn't really do Linden's western fries justice. Potato logs these are, monster wedges done to a perfect T-soft on the inside, crunchy/crispy and peppery on the outside, still tasting slightly of the fryer, better still with a prudent dousing of hot sauce. And the nice folks at Linden, located near the confluence of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Howard and Read streets, don't skimp: A one-buck fries order is a meal, albeit a gloriously greasy one. (If you need more, they've got good fried chicken and a decent hot/cold buffet.) The bureaucrats and office drones who stream over daily from the massive state-government complex across MLK know what we're talking about, so come early in the lunch rush; every now and then we show up for our fries fix and they're plumb out.

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