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Eats and Drinks

Best Sno-ball

Walther Gardens

Walther and Southern avenues

Posted 9/17/1997

Snowballs are everywhere. Sky blue is sky blue. What separates one teen-run stand that sells chipped ice and treacly, artificially colored and flavored syrup from another? Atmosphere, that's what. Folks in NorEBo know that well-traveled and residential Walther "Boulevard," as it's called locally, is an oasis of sorts from the rundown commercial nightmares of Harford and Belair roads. They also know that when the heat in their duplexes reaches volcanic dimensions, it's time to head to "the Gardens," where you not only get quality egg custard or strawberry slush piles (at 75 cents to $1.50 a pop), but a chance to literally smell the roses-or marigolds, or pansies, or whatever is growing that time of season in the adjoining nursery's front garden. Walther Gardens cares about more than the comfort of your boiling insides. There are two benches under shade trees, the nursery's dogs-Rambo and Jake-for the kids to pet, and a seemingly never-ending stream of neighbors to meet or get reacquainted with. Contrast this kind of warmth with stopping in an unshaded asphalt parking lot or pulling up along the curb-areas where most stands have taken up residency-and it's no wonder this business booms.

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Other Awards for Best Sno-ball:

Walther Gardens, 9/17/2008

Opie's Soft-Serve and Snowballs, 9/19/2007

Walther Gardens, 9/20/2006

Snoasis, 9/21/2005

Wolf's Finest Chocolates, 9/19/2001

Snoasis, 9/13/2000

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All Awards for Walther Gardens:

Best Sno-Ball, 9/17/2008

Best Sno-ball, 9/20/2006

Best Nursery, 9/18/1996

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