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Eats and Drinks

Best Korean Restaurant

Nam Kang

2126 Maryland Ave., (410) 685-6237

Posted 9/17/1997

We've come to think of Korean cuisine as the city's second soul food-hearty and peppery, still capable of surprising, even in its most same-old-same-old form. Nam Kang doesn't go in for all-you-can-pack-in-your-piehole buffet deals and that's a good thing. The kitchen's Korean cooking is our hands-down favorite among the places we've sampled, and the portions generally quash the need for multiple trips to the steam table. The sushi is on a par with the best in town and the Chinese dishes make most of the stuff you get from flier-happy take-out joints look sick. We swear by Nam Kang's bi bim bab, the kim chi jigue and jo gae maewontong hot pots, the fiery jampong soup, and the rest. Toss in the complimentary bowls of appetizers-kim chi, sprouts, oddly sweet little beans, tiny salty fish-and you can forget getting us to go anywhere else.

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