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Best Brewpub

The Brewer's Art

1106 N. Charles St. (410) 547-6925

Posted 9/17/1997

We bet The Brewer's Art doesn't really think of itself as a brew pub. "brew pubs" tend to be formulaic, trendy, and terminally rowdy places where cookie-cutter yup-and-comers plunge headlong into a lets-all-get-drunk-and-smoke-cigars-and-talk-real-loud-about-our-boring-corporate-jobs atmosphere. True, The BA's artsy-fartsy genteel tact promotes problems of its own. The restaurant (it's not really a pub) can get a little too cool for school, what with all those black-clad poseurs and self-styled Baltimore Beautiful People waltzing about. Ignore them. Simply enjoy the sublime Belgian-style beers (made on-site, of course) and the conversation-friendly and eclectic environment (opulent and airy upstairs, dark and cavernous downstairs).

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