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Best Strip Joint

Night Shift

1725 S. Ponca St., (410) 633-7100

Posted 9/13/2000

Let's face it--if you're horny, anthropologically inclined, or desperately sad enough to be in the mood for a night of ecdysiasty, you're not looking for subtlety. What you want is that Mötley Crüe-video outing, complete with loud music, cold beer, and naked flesh. And if it's the full-on, close-up strip-club experience you want, you want Night Shift. The talent here takes it all off, and they're not shy about it. Watch drunken grooms-to-be waver between arousal and nauseous discomfort as they get a lap dance in the onstage "Hot Seat." Bark at the moon and howl at the nekkid ladies as they gyrate and grind their way into your heart. Grab your dollar bills and your beer (Night Shift is BYOB) and get your ass down to the wildest strip joint in Charm City.

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