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Eats and Drinks

Best Lake Trout

The Roost

Jefferson Jackson Steele
Best Lake Trout: The Roost

5281 Reisterstown Rd., 578-0232

Posted 9/18/1996

No discussion about what constitutes a lake trout, OK? Nobody who eats it cares. Itís fish. Bread it, fry it up, and knock it down. At the seriously no-frills Roost carry-out, a full order of their killer lake trout consists of a veritable school of the little bastards, tails intact, with a couple of pieces of bread. A large industrial-sized dispenser of hot sauce is available at the counter, to combat fish fatigue. The full order ($4.75) costs only 50Ę more than the fractional order, so donít even think about it, lightweight. But unless youíre into a seriously trencherman-type lifestyle, you canít finish it all and expect to get into the side-order action, say, some nice greens or candied sweets, or one of their tasty dessert items, maybe some peach cobbler. So take the rest of your catch home. Itís a deal and a half, no doubt. The Roost rules.

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