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Eats and Drinks

Best Bagels

Bagel Works

1023 N. Charles St. (the Belvedere), 347-2790

Posted 9/18/1996

When it comes to bagels, we are basically purists. You got your plain, your egg, your poppy, your onion, your pump. Any flavor that doesn’t mesh with smoked fish, we’ve generally wanted no truck with. After years of holding out, we’ve grudgingly admitted cinnamon-raisin to the canon, but chocolate chip? Sun-dried tomato? Oy. But Bagel Works gets around the smoked-fish test—its bagels are so good, who needs toppings? We’ve never had one here that wasn’t perfectly baked—the shell just crisp enough, the innards thick and chewy but never gummy in that undercooked-bagel way. We’ve even ventured gingerly outside the World of Our Fathers; heck, we’ve ordered the blueberry bagel more than once. Best of all, these beauties are only 50˘ each; one’s a snack, two’s a meal, and unlike another prominent local bagel chain, they’ll slice ’em for free.<

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