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Best Weather Hair

Mary Ellen Pann

WBFF (channel 45)

Posted 9/19/2001

We love the folks at Baltimore magazine--really, we do. Consistently missing the forest for the trees, they leave us with so many opportunities to swoop in and deliver the real dirt. Case in point: Their latest Best-of extravaganza anointed WBFF sports-cliché spewer Bruce Cunningham with a "Best Hair" award. Never mind that Cunningham's 'do is nothing remarkable--your basic Devo-issue hair helmet that's eternally the rage of TV news guys everywhere. What they missed was the proto-Baltimoreana coif of weekend weatherwoman Mary Ellen Pann, whose not-quite-feathered, not-quite-long-and-natural look has been a staple in Dundalk and parts of Highlandtown for decades. Sporting leisure suit look-alikes that even an oyster-roasting Eastwood father could love, Pann's got the look we want to know better. Her straightforward, no-happy-talk approach to the local climate appeals to our no-bullshit tendencies as well. It may not take a weatherperson to know which way the wind blows, but one thing's for sure: Pann and her genuinely provincial locks are going to own this town.

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