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Eats and Drinks

Best Deli

Di Pasquale’s

4700 Gough St., (410) 276-6787, Web site

Posted 9/22/2004

We’ve come to this Highlandtown deli because we’ve got the jones for the DNA of Italian junk food—the hazelnut. Hazelnut cantucci, hazelnut cream-filled biscuits, hazelnut candies, maybe even a jar of Nutella (even though you can pick that up anywhere these days). But honestly, the hazelnut just gets us in the door. We’re moving in on the star of Italian meats—il miale. Prosciutto, mortadella, salami, all of ’em, if possible, on an overstuffed sandwich. Light on the oil, please. Oh, and some pancetta for that pasta carbonara we’re making later. OK, we got the meats, we gotta pick up some cheese. So a pound of Asiago, a half-pound of Parmesan, perhaps a pound of mozzarella salad. Oh, that’s kinda expensive. Maybe just a half-pound. Bottle of Chianti? Over there in the corner. And, uh, howzabout some Italian bitters? Throw in one of those coffee sodas. Yeah, they’re not exactly Italian, but it’s from New York, and that’s close enough. Good. OK, now how much is that? Yikes. Yeah, we’re going a little overboard here. But here’s our card. It’s worth it.

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