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Best Japanese Restaurant


1105 S. Charles St., (410) 752-8561, Web site

Posted 9/22/2004

There are great places to find sushi in this town, but not with outdoor seating and a prime Federal Hill location. In nice weather, sit outside on the sidewalk patio where you can people watch as you sip on a giant Sapporo and feast on fresh sushi. If you donít mind the awkward walk through the bathroom/kitchen area to get upstairs, you will find yourself in a more private setting for that date youíve been dreaming of. Some prefer the sushi bar, though, which isnít big but just about right to maintain that neighborhood restaurant feel. No matter where you sit, you can start off with every kind of yaki you can think of, fried calamari, tasty miso soup or some of the best seaweed salad around. As far as entrťes go, the teriyaki and soba dishes are great, but the sushi is where itís at. Between the dragon and rainbow rolls and a long list of sashimi and nigiri, especially the salmon, you will be wishing your stomach was bigger. Just make some room for some red bean or green tea ice cream. If you ignore the ice cream part of it, it sure sounds healthy.

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