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Eats and Drinks

Best Thai Restaurant

Bangkok Place

5230 York Road, (410) 433-0602

Posted 9/22/2004

Many Baltimore restaurants are packed so tightly that you canít stretch out your arm without knocking over the saltshaker at the table next to you. The first thing we noticed at Bangkok Place is its spaciousness; the tables are nicely spread over the large floor, and weíve never seen it more than half-full. This Govans eatery might be the best-kept secret on the restaurant scene; nobody even seems to realize it exists.

But Bangkok Place has been going strong for years, serving some of the best Thai curry weíve ever tasted. Our favorites are the kang kai aspa, a rich a spicy dish of red curry, crisp asparagus, and chicken topped with basil, and the musman kai, a milder curry with a peanut-based sauce, chicken, and potatoes. The curry at Bangkok Place is strong and flavorful but not overpowering. Just make sure to check the menu; itís serious when it says something is spicy. The restaurantís appetizers and deserts also hold up; we always try to save room for the fried bananas. The service is unfailingly polite, and almost nothing on the menu exceeds $15. Itís about time yíall noticed.

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