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Best Beer

Misfit Red

DuClaw Brewing Co., various Locations, Web site

Posted 9/22/2004

We know what you’re thinking. “Hey! What happened to Resurrection?” The perennial winner of BOB Beer is still one of the best pints in this or any city. But here at Baltimore’s Most Democratic Free Weekly, we believe in equal access. And the fact is, there are only so many places one can get a Resurrection in this town. Brewer’s Art, of course. A few chichi restaurant bars. The estimable Captain Larry’s on Fort Avenue. But sometimes, you find yourself in the darnedest places. Like Arundel Mills, because it’s the only place with an 11 p.m. showing of Saved!. Or Bel Air, because your nephew heard it’s easier to pass a driving test at the MVA there than in the city. What’s an amber ale fan to do but turn to DuClaw Brewing Co.? Yes, it’s a chain. But a local one; the company started in Bel Air, brews in Abingdon, and only has locations in Maryland: Bel Air, Arundel Mills, Bowie, Fells Point. Most importantly, DuClaw’s Misfit Red is an excellent substitute for Resurrection, with similar tones and flavors, if not all the depth or bite. Those who find Resurrection a bit too syrupy or dark will, in fact, like the smooth-drinking Misfit better. And you can actually survive more than one or two Misfits—it’s 5.1 percent alcohol by volume, as opposed to Resurrection’s 7 percent. This year we applaud Misfit Red as Baltimore’s Most Accessible Great Beer. And yeah, you can get it to go.

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