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Eats and Drinks

Best Wine Bar

Grand Cru

Belvedere Square, 527 E. Belvedere Ave., (410) 464-1944, Web site

Posted 9/22/2004

The past several years have each seen the opening of a new wine bar in Baltimore. At this rate we’re going to have to change our motto to the City That Swigs and Spits. We’ve been enjoying all the various local venues for snacking on tasty upscale nibbles while sipping fine wines, but our current favorite is Grand Cru. In part, it’s because Grand Cru’s presence in burgeoning Belvedere Square brings a much-needed nighttime hangout spot that is less boisterous than the local bars and more casual than committing to a restaurant. Our enjoyment has a lot to do with the knowledgeable and friendly staff, and even more to do with said staff’s generosity with free samples. While not encyclopedic, the wine selection is very well-considered (they also pour a mean margarita), and the snacks represent all the best grazing goodies from the Belvedere Square Market stalls next door. Cheers.

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