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Eats and Drinks

Best Dive Bar

Sportman’s Sport

501 S. Lehigh St., (410) 276-9376

Posted 9/22/2004

Just across the train tracks, set amid industrial warehouses in East Baltimore, is an oasis of cheap, cold beer and an attitude that seems to say, “We may not know you, but we’re not about to break your jaw just for livin’.” Sportsman’s Sport could be called a dive, but the place is not disreputable really, it just gives the impression that it could be if it wanted to. Its sizable, square bar and plentiful tables offer all the room you and a few friends will need on any given afternoon, and at 75 cents per Bud, no fancy-pants “Happy Hour Special” is needed. On our most recent visit, the beer in our chilled mug was just above freezing and the beertendress gave us a smile, and we knew we didn’t have to pretend we were cool or knew anything. The tension melted away, the beer was as nectar, and all was right. To relax and sip a really cold one for less than a dollar—this means the terrorists have not won.

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