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Best Place You Donít Want to Know People Skinny Dip

Various water reservoirs surrounding Baltimore City, including Loch Raven, Prettyboy, and Liberty

Uli Loskot

Posted 9/22/2004

Skinny-dipping is a dangerous sport. Maybe it doesnít seem so, but itís true. You can get arrested, you could lose your socks, plus a fish could swim right up your hoo-ha. Here in Baltimore, where danger is our middle name, weíve taken an already questionable pastime and pushed it to the extreme. Not only do we skinny-dip, lots of us do it in our own drinking water. Sure, some people might find the thought of frolicking with your dog in the cityís tap water disgusting. Thankfully, those people live in Delaware. Here in Baltimore, we take the plunge, dry off, and then go buy a Brita.

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