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Owl Bar

Address:1 E. Chase St.
Belvedere Hotel
Baltimore, MD 21202-

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Posted 3/5/2008

Why We Go: There's nothing like an old--as in, like a century old-- dark wood and brass hotel bar to make us feel way fancier than we are. The Owl Bar's home, the Belvedere Hotel (though it's actually condos now), is midtown's monument to better times in Baltimore, and the vibe seeps through accordingly.

What We Eat: The Owl Bar's Sunday brunch. It's the usual selection of eggs and egg-based stuff, but there's something special about spending a haggard early afternoon eating--and drinking--away an epic hangover in a place like this.

What We'd Change: Generally, the menu here tends toward the predictable. There's tradition, and then there's stasis.

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