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Kitty Kat Bar

Address:400 West 23rd St.
Baltimore, MD 21211

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 4/9/2008

While riding my bike up Charles Street through Station North, a car pulled up behind me honking. At the next light, the dreadlocked driver waved me over with a white business card in hand. "Man, you should come up to the Kitty Kat," he said excitedly. "It's my bar. We're having free Italian food in like 10 minutes. I just picked it up. Stop by: All your biker friends will be there." Well, hell yes. Bribery and a good vibe will get you far. The bar itself, situated on a quiet corner in Remington, feels like a place that should have been here forever, but actually only took over the former home of Molly's earlier this year. It's punk in the Queers and Social Distortion sense, and full of cyclists, skateboarders, and people from the surrounding neighborhood. There's a Ping-Pong table in the wide peach-painted front room, which hosts DJs on weekend nights. The back room, covered floor to ceiling in punk-show fliers, feels like a microcosm of the Mount Royal Tavern, without, well, the depression (and, at $1.50 for a Natty Boh, the Kitty Kat has the Tavern beat by a quarter). Unsurprisingly, the bartenders are friendly as all hell, and it carries through to the welcoming and chat-able crowd. And the Friday evening food buffet is a regular thing, so even if you don't get a personal invite, the offer still stands.

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