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13th Floor at the Belvedere

Address:1 E. Chase St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 5/28/2008

"Are you guys on a first date?" Well, no, but there's no way anyone could be faulted for thinking so at the 13th Floor, where the sixtysomething couple by the window sipping rainbowific martinis could well be awkwardly sizing each other up. It's that kind of room: leopard-print carpeting, music spanning from jazz to DJs, snappy service, and two-person tables lining windows looking out at one of the best views of Baltimore. The feel of the place is classic hotel bar--in addition to those first dates, you're half-expecting to hear a drunken pilot at the next table getting skeezy with a flight attendant--and it really makes you try to imagine the days when the 13th Floor's Belvedere home was actually a hotel instead of a confusing, somewhat depressing--have you ridden the shuddering elevators?--apartment building, It doesn't look like the kind of place that houses a whopping four bars (13th Floor, Red Square, Owl Bar, Suite). The service is excellent at the 13th Floor; everyone was warm, accommodating, and didn't seem particularly concerned about a rather skuzzy twentysomething at their relatively fancy bar. Our gimlet was a dud on the first try--tasted like it was made with sour mix and lime--but the bartender either noticed the resulting involuntary pucker or that the drink was yellow, or both, and immediately offered to remake it. For the room, view, and service, the drink's $5 price tag was reasonable and my nondate's Blue Moon was a surprisingly average $4.50.

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