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Rendezvous Lounge

Address:136 W. 25th St.
Baltimore, Md 

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/18/2008

The Rendezvous is the sort of place where you could have a full-on, heaving nervous breakdown at the bar and barely get a sidelong glance. Or the bartender might chalk it up to DTs and give you one on the house. Just stepping past the faded beyond recognition sign around the corner from the Ottobar you feel like an interloper in someone's therapy-drinking session. On a recent visit, it didn't much look like people were hanging-out or doing much socializing; they were just there, fixtures in a stucco-walled landscape that looks and feels like a touristy cantina somewhere in rural New Mexico--but it's a touristy cantina with the misfortune to be located on the "old highway" several years after the parallel interstate got laid a few miles in the other direction. The Rendezvous' upstairs bar is closed (barring better times, we're told), the walls are acquiring a gnarly grime, and food is similarly gnarly looking pizza by the slice. The beer is cheap (natch) at $1.75 for a Boh and $2.50 for Yuengling, with the latter arriving in a freezer-chilled glass (no A/C), and the bartender was professional and friendly, though, frankly, he looked a little surprised/nervous to see us.

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