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By Michael Byrne | Posted 8/13/2008

At first glance, Bedrock has potential--two floors, two bars, an attached restaurant, excellent sound, 13 beers on tap, cheap/reasonable drinks, pool. All of this and it's not even a button-down dipshit place like certain oversized, overglitzed, fake-breast sanctuaries in the immediate downtown area. It does have bottle service, which at any club is as pathetic a cry for status as upgrading to first class for a 40-minute flight to La Guardia. The downstairs is cool, kind of a catacomb with a smaller dance floor in one chamber, a pair of pool tables in one, and in the other, tables hosting the aforementioned bottle service. (And given the monster-sized Absoluts a friend of City Paper was killing on a recent visit for a mere $5, bottle service sounds redundant.) Two problems down here: 1) having pool tables with sightlines to a dance floor is just stupid, and 2) a carpeted dance floor is even more stupid. There is also a surfeit of video-game type things around, which clash even more so than the pool tables. The upstairs room, essentially a wide open hall with curtained windows on two sides, is fine for drinking, but Bedrock seems to fancy itself a dance club and the room doesn't work well for that. It's not something that can be engineered away easily; the room is just too big and open, and there are no breaks of any sort from the door to the bar to the dance floor to the stage, making for a rather intimidating dance environment. A location off the beaten path for most anyone but downtown hotel guests doesn't help either.

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