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Mel Guapo

The Quarter

Address:316 Guilford Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21202

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By Alex Walsh | Posted 1/28/2009

The non-stop party atmosphere of Baltimore's new-ish superclub takes after its namesake, moving the festivities and no-open-container laws off the street and into a three-level warehouse (formerly Hammerjack's). Having a Girls Gone Wild moment might not get you free beads, but being a girl on Friday nights will get you $6 admission with free beer and rail drinks from 9 to 11 p.m.; guys pay a $10 cover after 10 p.m. The rooftop bar area offers a glimpse of curious lights and palm trees to people driving on neighboring I-83. Inside, plasma TVs, at least five separate bar areas on the lower floor, and plush furniture with soft lighting give the huge building a more private feel. We were able to attend a VIP party with a $30 open top-shelf bar, private area, bottle service, and even our own bouncer. The night was over-the-top and fabulous. The humongous ballroom and stage suggest a future as a concert venue for the 2,000-plus capacity club. We love the idea of hitting up the Big Easy Charm City-style, where every night is Fat Tuesday, or Fat Wednesday, or Fat Thursday, or Fat Fri. . . you get the idea.

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