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Metro Gallery

Address:1700 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 2/25/2009

The Station North bar hop has added another checkpoint. It seems like just yesterday we were rolling into a stageless, very gallery/gallery Metro Gallery with a six pack of Boh in our bag. Though it seemed like it was subject to endless delays, Metro Gallery finally opened as a bar just a few weeks ago. As in, it's open for boozing even when no shows are happening. (Metro took the opposite route to the successful and close by Windup Space, which opened as a bar first, then started having music.) Metro Gallery-as-bar will take some getting used to. Like the Windup, it's a really open space--it's still a gallery, after all--and that's got its disadvantages. It'll be interesting to see how it grows into the room. The bar itself, a three-sided rectangle with some plush chairs off to the side, is nice and has a great beer selection heavy on Euro pilsners, most of which seemed reasonably priced (starting at $4 for a Pilsner Urquell) and, on Thursday nights, the space does a $12 all-you-can-drink wine special if you're feeling dangerous. For shows, the space remains a great spot, now with a stage and remarkably good sound for a room with two glass walls, and it remains a well-curated gallery.

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