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Club Reality Bar and Grill

Address:2625 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21230

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 5/27/2009

This place has been through a lot of name changes over the past few years--it used to be the Purple Goose Saloon, then it became Y Not Bar and Grill, and on a recent visit, we learned that it's been renamed "Club Reality." In any event, it hasn't changed a whole lot--it's still got a reasonably priced bar menu featuring burgers, fries, wings, steamed shrimp, and chili. It still has a pretty intense pool-playing scene--judging by the relative quiet of the spectators, we gather some pretty serious games go on here. Live music, open mic nights, and all that good stuff, too, which makes it feel like an ambitious neighborhood bar trying to differentiate itself from the other (multiple) bars on this strip of Washington Boulevard in the Morrell Park neighborhood.

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