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Skeeters Bar

Address:2506 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 6/10/2009

You know that "authentic" blue-collar Baltimore that people like to talk about and occasionally recreate in some of the city's hipper neighborhoods? Well everything's authentic and nothing is recreated here in this Morrell Park corner bar. We went in recently because we had planned to get a beer at Bud and Pat's Fillin' Station, across the street. But Bud and Pat's was closed, and someone pointed us in the direction of Skeeters. Good choice-the beer was cold, the bartender was obliging (even though she had to cut her cigarette break on the sidewalk short to serve us), and most folks sitting at the bar seemed to have a good drink on by 9 p.m. on a Sunday night. It's a pretty small place-you're practically nudging elbows with the people on the neighboring barstools-so we couldn't help but overhear a very drunk gentleman to our left having a very heated argument about nothing in particular with a very drunk woman. We looked to our right and the woman at the other end of the bar gave us a broad smile and said, "Welcome to Skeeters!" We sipped our beer, settled into the scene, and took note of a sign behind the bar warning patrons that no bumming of money, beer, or cigarettes would be tolerated on premises. We don't think they meant it in an ironic way, either.

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