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Julianna's Bar and Grill

This location is closed

By Erin Sullivan | Posted 6/24/2009

Last we wrote about Julianna's, it was in the Drinks column (Drinks, May 13, 2009)--this place has a surprisingly pleasant happy hour vibe, for a Caton Avenue hotel bar--but this time we want to draw your attention to the fact that this place also has a totally worthwhile cheap eats thing going on. During happy hour every day, orders of mussels, wings, or quesadillas are just $5 apiece. I've stopped in a couple of times now to sample these items, and each time I've been pleasantly surprised by the place. Wings come in a variety of flavors (I always order mine hot) and they're pretty big and crispy and the sauce has a nice spice. For $5 the quesadilla is a total bargain--filled with cheese, chicken, onions, and peppers, it's a pretty filling appetizer or small meal in itself. The mussels have been hit or miss. The first time I ordered it, the mussels tasted fresh and were served in a briny, buttery, flavorful broth; the second time they were a little gamey and the broth tasted like it was mostly butter--not the greatest, but definitely worth a Lincoln.

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