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Peter's Pour House

Address:111 Mercer St.
Baltimore, MD 

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/24/2009

Dunno why this was such a pleasant surprise, but shame on us for prejudging this downtown watering hole. Maybe it was the battalion of young bankers (or banker impersonators) occupying the outside tables or the poker tables (for charity, it turns out) set up in the alley around the corner, but Peter's Pour House didn't give us the best vibe when we quite literally stumbled upon it in a stressed-out hunt downtown for air conditioning and a pint. We got our A/C and, as for the pint, we actually got two--Peter's drink special claim-to-fame is a 32-ounce draft beer for $4. For a variety reasons mostly having to do with backwash and temperature, we'd rather have just two $2 pints, but it's hard to find fault when you've got a veritable Big Gulp of brew (various domestics) in front of you. And for $8.95 more, we topped off our bellies with a healthful plate of fried cheese and potatoes. The crowd at Peter's is somewhat eclectic--there's the banker-types, sure, but also pre-game partiers and jovial regulars, with nary a hipster in sight. Reckon its out of the way for most things later in the evening, but if we're ever kicking around the harbor and feeling parched, we'll gladly make our way back.

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