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Mount Washington Tavern

Address:5700 Newbury St.
Baltimore, MD 21209-

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 7/29/2009

Mount Washington's venerable fish house offers a palm-tree decked-out dining room charming for a meal with the moms and pops, but it's the tavern's four bars that appeal. The ground floor's two dark wood watering holes are cozy, even with the front bar open to the street, and the hotel-style strip of stand-up bar facing the restaurant feels right for a cool drink before a meal, but the Sky Bar at the top of the stairs with open roof areas, ash trays, and Skee-ball is the place to be spring through fall. Bottles of Mexican beer are $4.25 and you may have to remind the distracted bartender more than once to stick a lime wedge in your Pacifico, Modelo, or Corona Light, but surely that's worth the privilege of sitting in the shade when a slight breeze blows through the good-sized space. The glass blocks in a bar strung with cocktail-shaped lights, tiled floors, live plants, and rattan seats around a bamboo coffee table feel Key West; the crowd vibes prep school kids and artsy professors. Music is canned, but no more than any other place you may find Skee-ball.

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