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Abby Logsdon

The Den

This location is closed

By Michael Byrne | Posted 8/5/2009

Most folks we talk to refer to the Den as a sort of Charles Village myth--somewhere above 30th Street exists an uberstyled New York-in-Baltimore nightclub with bottle service and beds you can rent for, well, that's where it gets a little hazy. We're pleased to report that the Den does exist, and it does have beds (of sorts), which are all lined up against one dinged-up wall with velvety sheets and pillows. In fact, "dinged-up" describes the interior nicely. It's as if the owners came into a bargain sale of Ikea lounge furniture, moved it in, and left it to rot. Alcohol, yes, they have it. And most of it you could get on a standard airliner: Heineken is the roof on beer, booze comes in plastic cups (despite being two of maybe seven people in the bar early on a summer Thursday evening), and they didn't have grapefruit juice, which come to think of it, you can get on an airplane. There was no music, just a movie blasting out over the club, the bathrooms are creepily dark, and the food menu is dated--honestly, being at the Den was like hanging out in the bar at a Sheraton in Wichita.

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