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Mr. Wrong

I Get Lifted

When I Read My Mail, Seriously, It’s Good Times, Be You Pro Or Con The Wrong.

Emily Flake

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 6/1/2005

Hey Mr.MacLeod! How's it going? Just thought I would drop a line to holla at cha. Wanted to let you know I forwarded a copy of your latest article to Texas Instruments, so when those royalty checks start rollin in you betta holla at cha girl.

P.S.- 17 cents a word?!? aaaahhhhh.....the joys of being employed by a FREE newspaper.



I forget if I told you this, but now I Gets Paid $190 to poop this deal out on the regular, and plus, I get an illustration every time by the great Emily Flake, and that takes up space, so now instead of like 900-some-odd words, I only gotta lay down around 850, har! That’s around 22 cents a word, and this week, You, the Reader, are doing the Heavy Lifting, be you Hater or Enjoyer of this semimonthly biweekly bullshit wrapped in newsprint. Or pixels, for you Web Enjoyers.


you are so stupidly boring. can't you at least be funny??? at least with one.........jussssst ooooooooooooneeeeee article? i yiy yiy yiy. tsk tsk-- dude. tsk tsk. you just fail to realize. now the citypaper fails to realize as you give these people good weed or somethin???

you need to read your articles. i am trying to help you.

D. D.


Hey, you brought joy to my day with the Deathpie article. I think I may be in love with you. I may have to dig through your archives. I have passed this article on to everyone I know after rolling on the floor over it. I even had my 72 yr old Dad from upstate NY asking for a copy of it. You are king.



Im in Miami, Florida and had your rants on the pizza issue forwarded to me. I haven't laughed like that in a while. Man , you are one funny mother fucker, lol. Thanks again.


Wrong -

How much dough didja get for that one? An what's your problem with cinnamin?

papa john

It is a true travesty that your column only appears every other week…. Who's the crapa$$ that came up with that idea?!?! Doesn't he (yes, I assume it's a HE) understand that he has short-changed everyone in this community by limiting our access to the wise, wise words of Mr. Wrong.

There's something to be said for learning about this everyday bull$hit……. I'd even go so far as to say one could learn more from a weekly Mr. Wrong column than he/she would from a $30,000 college education.

Thanks Mr. Wrong! You're a Baltimore icon……


A friend of mine sent me your URL. You have a devoted following of international oil field professionals who find commonality with your opinions. Keep up the great work!

windsor, colorado


mr. wrong, you are a fucking CICADA!!!

a fan,

niki lee

I put her name in because she is a Famous Person. I been obscuring everybody else’s.



You are the best, the funniest and I agree with everything you write. What do you think about FOX News? Also what about having to sit in the middle of a group in those repulsive restaurant banquettes with stuff all over the floor and God knows what ingrained in the material? Same for hotel/motel shiny coverlets and movie theater seats - they should be vinyl.

e. b.

dearest mr. wrong,

i also hate that your column is run only every-other-week. it makes me quite disappointed on the off weeks because every single column but especially cicada and its cold and flu season well yeah they all make me laugh and giggle like a little bitch. your ranting and raving reminds me of my own self and my own writing therefore humoring me even more. maybe i should take your job when you run out of good ideas, which might probably be soon anyway... haha... cold and flu season is the best because that one really long run on sentence is so much fun to read aloud to your drunken friends when you are drunken as well and it just amuses the hell out of me. and them too. everything sounds better when its slightly slurred.

anyway, you're the coolest... i can't wait to read what you have for me next. keep up the good work...



Perhaps we don't get enough holidays here in the good old U.S.A. It would be rough on us but if you prefer, perhaps you should move to France (where there are more holidays). We will not miss you or you vague column.


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