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Think Mink

Pick and Choose

By Mink Stole | Posted 4/12/2006

I donít like gay people. I know itís hideously un-PC of me to admit it, at least publicly, but I donít. Iím not a gay-basher or anything, I donít want to hurt anyone or try to change anyone elseís beliefs, but I really think homosexuality is wrong. Mostly I keep my opinion to myself, because I just donít want to get into any discussions about it. Recently, however, some friends of mine were talking about gay rights, and when they automatically assumed I agreed with them, I felt compelled to tell them the truth. This led to a big argument, and now some of them wonít talk to me and others are trying to convince me Iím wrong. This really bothers me because I thought I had a right to my own opinion. I mean, just because some people choose to be gay, does that mean I have to approve of it? I donít have to accept everybody elseís beliefs, so why does everyone feel I have to accept this one?

Harry the Hetero

First of all, HTH, homosexuality isnít like snake handling or Catholicism; it isnít a cult or a religion you can be recruited for or converted to. And it isnít a choice any more than your height, the color of your skin, or your parentsí religion. What I admit to is that Iím tired of smug people who believe that their good luck (if thatís what you call it) at being born straight or white or Christian or whatever means they get to despise or deny basic human rights to anyone not exactly like them.

I wonder what would happen if anyone who would deny any other group or class basic human rights were unable to reap any benefit from them. Would a true anti-Semite, for example, change his mind if otherwise he were ineligible to get Jonas Salkís polio vaccine? Would you change your mind if it meant you could enjoy the Mona Lisa, or the novels of Truman Capote, k.d. langís voice, or David Hockneyís artwork? And these are just a few of the famous ones. Itís impossible to assess the contribution gay writers, actors, artists, musicians, designers, etc. have made to our cultural landscape. The only way to be sure of avoiding gay influence is to live naked in a cave and sleep on rocks.

It is absolutely your right not to spend time with people you donít care for, and believe me, with your attitude, the gays donít miss you. But I side with your friends who would try to change your mind. Because homosexuality is not a choice, but the way you think is.

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