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Mr. Wrong

Some Read, Some Write

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 1/15/2003

Nice column today. You have such a gift for the typed word. Eliminate all the "fucks" and "fucking" and the column would have been a 10-second read. In the future, if you must be edgy, and, I guess that is the sole objective of the City Paper, could you at least be interesting?


Did you ever find out the artist who did that song . . . "Shiny Disco Ball" . . . ???? If so, PLEASE let me know!

Marika from Dallas

That song in your head was called "Shiny Disco Balls" by Who Da Funk.


I know three people who will not poop in a public stall, and that includes pooping at work. (One of them would, in a pinch or severe cramp, would use one stall in particular on the third floor in our university library. The others don't fudge--budge--whatever.) I just wanted to let you know that three of my friends didn't piss you off that day.

Thanks for venting on my behalf (no plunger action in months for me, but we all know your pain). It was stress-relieving to laugh, even if I did start reading just after my lunch break.

New Reader

No one likes to touch the toilet seat. Why else would public rest rooms offer those little paper liners? fingertouch brings you that type of service at home. You never have to touch your toilet seat again. Our toilet seat lifter cradles your finger in a germ-free environment as you lift the seat up and down.

Your German translation is not bad at all and because I'm a great fan of yours (have I mentioned that already??) you (and only you) are allowed to print the short (but very nice ) letter I've written to you. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Daniela from Graz, Austria

hello MR. WRONG . . . i have a question, do you know how i would go about subscribing to Bronze Thrills? i can't find it any where on the internet or in the stores here in oklahoma?

some guy from oklahoma

hay Mr. Wrong, I know you get lots of mail telling you how much people love your colum, but I must do it anyway. you make sence (?) in a way that few people do anymore. you tell it like it is with all the blathering and bull shit that people spuw, you cut through that and say how it is. I love your collum and it is refreshing that someone just tells it how it is. and above all I HOPE YOU GET YOUR COLLUM EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!!! it would make my work week better, every week, not every other week youre way better to read then the other colmnist (no offence to them but you are the best) to read. you keep my attention and have me laughing.

P.S. sorry about the grammer, they tell me all geniuses are bad spellers too.

I dont quite think thats it but it's a nice excuse.


What doesn't make any sense is not that your column runs every two weeks but that it runs at all. Why the City Paper allows you to take up space when you lack anything illuminating (or even unilluminating) to say is a real mind-boggler. Your column belongs in the diary of a teenager, not in a weekly paper where others can read it. Is there any purpose to what you write, other than to try and be a cute asshole?


it seems like you just write what i write in my journal everyday, and then you get paid! (?!) ak! i worked for Baltimore School for the Arts as a model for those snotnosed high school kids, and everyone said i had the easiest job in the world, but noooooo. my arms, legs, hands, feet, ass, they all fell asleep! plus, one kid called me ugly. like i care.

go model for a day, they always need people and they'll probably need a sub sometime soon. try it, just try it. its actually kinda fun, if you can get over the naked thing. im serious, its something to write about. i read your column every other week, and its amazing how you fill up half a page with the subject matter you choose (zits and Elizabeth Hurley! yay!?) but this might bring you new inspiration. (plus, you get 10.5-15 dollars an hour!) you only have to sit for 1.5 to 4 hours altogether, but you get breaks every, say, 20 minutes. i know you probably wont do this

Sweet Lil Girl

Hi. I just read your story about the Olympics and I found it to be very amusing. I figured I'd let you know that someone likes your column since you were bitchin about all the haters out there. I personally found the blunt honesty refreshing.


Learn to spell before you make your next weak attempt to write. The sticker reads: VMI KEYDET, and you are lucky the guy with that small bumper sticker did not stop and pound you into the pavement. VMI (VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE) is where most Navy Seals and Army Rangers go to college. It is the college where people like General Patton, General Marshall and other medal of honor military guys graduated from. Mr Wrong, you would not last one day living the daily life of a VMI cadet, or as they say in the South, KEYDETS.

Proud American

You are hilarious!

I can't even picture who the hell James Spader is.


Keep it up, and remember, if you use any of my letter as a quote, that's fewer words for you to type . . .

Ted from Washington, D.C.

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